Millions of people use hot tubs to relax or warm their cold bodies, but now the engineers have a new use for hot tubs, muscle building and restoring.
Over the last 11 years they have developed hundreds of new water exercises based on their ‘direct resistance delivery’ concept, and some of these extremely effective exercises, also work well while sitting in a hot tub; hot tubs in calgary.
The exercises they are now discussing for hot tubs, are ones that are very effective for older, obese or motion hindered people. They say these same exercises can still easily ‘fail’ an athlete’s muscles, because they are not hindered by joint strength, the athlete can still push them with full muscle exertion.
They do warn, “if you jump into your hot tub for a core, cardio and body workout it should not be warmer then 90??F, as that takes 8-15 minutes.”
“But if you only want to greatly strengthen your tired or damaged knees, the ‘Knee Fixer’ only takes about one minute, two or three times a week, so a hot tub should be no problem”.
They assume your doctors have also approved, as they tell everyone not to try any of their exercises or devices until they have your doctor’s blessing.
‘Direct Resistance Delivery’ means these methods were engineered to direct almost all motion resistance against muscle contractions, leaving almost no force to compress joints or vertebra.
On the home page of, you will find 7 video classes of these newly engineered water exercises, and here are a few they say also work well to great in hot tubs.
Their second video has several, one is that Knee Fixer, which works perfectly in hot tubs and can revive old knee muscle strength after 3, one minute workouts, over six days.
Their Stride Stretcher also works well for reviving lost core strength, as log as the tub has enough room for good hip motion range.  This exercise can deeply exercise the leg and core muscles of virtually anyone from athletes to the disabled.
For the chest, the Chest Clapper from Video five, as well as both bicep and tricep curl exercises from video six, may also be adapted to hot tubs.
They said “We have many other exercises that work well in hot tubs that we have not yet posted, so we plan on doing a hot tub workout video eventually.
But that knee fixer is perfect for hot tubs which has already made it a big blessing for a lot of older or mobility hindered knees around here.”
However the hot tub does limit some motion range compared to the pool, but if the tub is what you have, these resistance focused exercises work.

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Culinary Arts

Chef Weiss’s passion for all things culinary got its start with lessons about fresh produce, taught by his great grandfather, “Poppy,” a green market owner. From the age of 16, he also enjoyed deejaying house parties. During high school, Chef Weiss accepted a position as a prep cook in a local restaurant and, following graduation, enrolled in the New York Restaurant School. He’d found his culinary groove.

After earning his toque, Chef Weiss honed his culinary skills with top chefs like Matthew Kenney and Bobby Flay in some of New York City’s finest restaurants. His talents weren’t unnoticed; he received critical acclaim from such media big-hitters as the New York Times and Newsday. His culinary career continued to soar, but so did his passion for music.

Spinning Plates: Serving Foods that Groove

In 1998, Chef Weiss took the plunge and launched his own catering business, which combined his passions for food, music, and performing. By spinning records while preparing gourmet cuisine, “DJ CHEF” was born.

Chef Weiss’s unique talents have industry tongues wagging. He has been hired for variety of celebrity events, including Christy Brinkley and B. Smith’s Blue Moon BBQ and a James Blunt CD release party. Drawing mass media attention from a variety of networks–including the Food Network, MTV, and the Discovery Channel–he is quickly becoming a celebrity in his own right.

Today, DJ Chef Weiss is working on his own TV series and cookbook, and was recently honored by the New York Restaurant School for his culinary achievement and innovation. He has also participated in a number of charitable events for such groups as the Long Island Association for Aids Care (LIACC) and the March of Dimes.

Hire Chef Weiss for Your Next Event

DJ Chef Weiss continues to perform at a variety of events nationwide. If you’d like to hire Chef Weiss for your next event, just fill out the form to the right and a representative will contact you.

Sustainable food is all the rage these days. Culinary arts schools teach Farm to Table programs and grow local herb gardens, while restaurants scramble to find organic, local and fresh foods to serve to guests hungry for a little environmental change along with their lunch. Sushi can be hard to locally source, but the Florida restaurants below have figured out a way to do it.

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1. Sushi Maki South Miami, Florida

The king of local sushi in Miami is eco-conscious Sushi Maki, but responsibly sourced ingredients are just the beginning of what makes this fresh fish house special. You can grab lunch at one of their local restaurants in South Miami, Coral Gables and other locales or pick up a tray while you’re shopping at Whole Foods. Their 10,000 ft. fresh-fish operation features sushi-making robots — don’t get your hand stuck in one of those.

  • What to order: Try the rock shrimp tempura tossed in a spicy aioli or the miso-glazed sea bass.

2. Tampa Kaisen Sushi Tampa, Florida

This fun sushi joint is obsessive about freshness and quality, using local catches you might not find on any other sushi menu in Florida. Dinner is served Izakaya style, where you’re given a wet towel to clean your hands before the pleasures of food and drink. Want proof of the local catch? On Tampa Kaisen’s Facebook page, you’ll find pictures of the chef’s fishing trips, catching fish and making sashimi on the boat.

  • What to order: Check out the restaurant’s Facebook page before you go and find out what’s local and fresh or ask the chef behind the counter.

3. Tokyo Bay Japanese Restaurant, St. Petersburg, Florida

Locally sourced, natural and tasty, Tokyo Bay claims top honors in St. Petersburg. The restaurant fuses Japanese and Korean standards, including udon, tempura and katsu, but the sushi stands out from the rest. Students from culinary arts schools in Florida can stop in to check out a range of cuisine at this eco-friendly location.

  • What to order: The Local Catch Tataki, seared and served with ginger ponzu and daikon sprouts.

4. Nu-Sushi, Coral Springs, Florida

At this Coral Springs sushi joint, eco-friendly is a long-term philosophy, not a short-term trend. Locally sourced sushi has been on the menu for almost 20 years, and while nationally sourced items are also on hand, it’s simple enough to ask the chef for the sustainable selections.

  • What to order: Start with a traditional Japanese appetizer of squid salad and move on to the catch of the day.

No matter where you go in Florida for your sushi fix, it’s important to order responsibly. Look for gulf or locally farmed options, like king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, or yellowfin from the Atlantic. Avoid Japan farmed yellowtail, king crab from Russia and other fish that needed a passport to get to your plate.

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